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Remember — Re-remember

Each time I come to the mat the yoga tradition of creating an intention for the practice comes to mind.  Often my intention is to dedicate my practice to someone close to my heart.  But sometimes during the warm up poses, my mind becomes so focused on the physical aspects of the yoga practice that I forget my intention.

In Jaye’s class this week it occurred to me that I’d like to give more power to the intention so that it is alive and fresh during the whole practice. Jaye enabled me to discover the discipline required to encourage the mind to return to that intention.

As I listened to Jaye’s detailed alignment instructions, he skillfully linked physical instructions with ways to encourage us all to attune to a higher purpose. Jaye instructed us to connect to that which inspires us and then remember and re-remember that moment.

Bill and Sally Watson

Bill and Sally

When I heard Jaye’s words, “remember and re-remember,” it helped me to come back to my intention for the practice that day – to honor Bill, a man who totally inspires me regularly through the actions of his daughter Sally, who has been a good friend for the past 7 years.  I remembered the time that Sally described her father’s life. Bill was a coal miner who got out of bed every morning and went to work in darkness beneath the earth and came home with clothes covered in the blackness that had surrounded him during the day.

Although I never knew Bill, I remember and re-remember the story of his dedication to his family and his clarity of purpose each day as he went back into the mine in order to serve a higher purpose – the well being of his family.  I am able to see how his actions and attitude influenced his daughter Sally, who in a seemingly tireless manner is always actively helping family, friends and neighbors in need. Thank you Jaye for enabling me to work on the skill of remembering and re-remembering Bill whose love and steadfast commitment continues to inspire me through his daughter Sally.

Rita Knorr, St. Petersburg FL