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In Jaye’s Garden

Entering Jaye Martin’s class is like stepping into the garden of tropical plants that Jaye has cultivated in his front and back yard. He provides the soil, water, and nutrients (the inspiration) for us so that we are able to open like blossoms to our fullest potential.

As we explore various asanas with him in class each week, he’ll introduce gardening references—“Root your heels into the earth” or “Let your heart blossom”—to encourage us to think of our bodies and spirits as part of nature. In Jaye’s view (a view based on Tantric philosophy), the natural world is simply another expression of divine consciousness, always present, forever accessible, within reach in every moment.

“How can we make our poses more beautiful?” Jaye might ask at the start of class, and, as the class unfolds, this question might lead us to a new way of understanding how the more beautiful we make our poses, the more beauty we can bring to our lives.

In a pose like Downward Dog, he might invite us to be more mindful of how we set our hands on the mat or where we place our feet, and then encourage us to bring the same mindfulness to our daily routines so that, long after we leave his class, we become more aware of life’s beauty surrounding us and within us.

Jaye’s passion for anything that brings joy and beauty into the world—an exotic plant, a challenging pose, a seemingly mundane rock—shapes every story that he shares with us in class, every pose that he demonstrates. With each question, each observation, Jaye nurtures us with the same love and care that he showers on the delicate orchids, tender bromeliads, and sturdy palm trees that grow in his garden.

And after each class, we feel well nourished by his teaching. Why? It’s simple: he has taught us how to connect with our essential nature, to root ourselves in the present and open our hearts like unfolding blossoms to gain a glimpse of our true selves.

— Bruce Black, Sarasota, FL