Dormancy to Aliveness

Come alive just like the cosmos flowers in Jaye’s garden. Jaye artfully weaves the comparison of dormant plants in his garden to blossoming into fullness in your yoga practice. Follow the asana sequence to explore surya namaskar, and virabhadrasana 2. Enjoy the sensation of opening the upper inner thighs through drawing the shin bones as you are guided to a deeper uttanasana. A block is useful for standing poses such as uttitha trikonasana, prasarita padottansana, and parvrtta prasarita padottanasana. Yoga teachers will especially benefit from understanding through this example of how to center the class with a story, then deliver an asana sequence wherein instruction combines the elements of the story with a teaching of physical expression like dormancy and aliveness – learn the actions of drawing in to and expand out more fully in each asana.

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