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Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 with preparatory poses

Jaye opens your hips in a lunge variations and ensures that you have focused on lengthening hamstring muscles in parsvottanasana before a demonstration of eka pada koundinyasana 2 in his garden with friends. Please warm up with surya namaskar, virabhadrasana 2, and utttitha trikonasana or other standing hip opening standing poses before beginning this practice.

Set a proper foundation for Tadasana

Tadasana is “home base” for standing poses. Dissection of the pose enables us to establish a solid foundation, and the complexities of doing so include knowledge of the four corners of the feet and ensuring that the feet are parallel to each other. If you are a yoga teacher describing the steps to setting a good foundation in tadasana can be complicated because placement of the feet parallel and describing hip distance apart often comes with misinterpretations. Jaye gives us a few pointers to figure out how to create understandable cues to ensure that the foundation is established correctly. One exercise includes marching in place where you can visualize if you naturally have a sense of what parallel feet feel like. We are entertained by the neighbor’s kitty who stopped into the garden during this instruction of tadasana. The neighbor’s cat, “Lucky” decided to stop in for the practice.

Anusara Yoga® First Principle

Learn the meaning of the first principle of the Universal Principles of Alignment® – e.g., to set your foundation and open to grace. In this centering talk before yoga practice, Jaye Martin leads a contemplation on how you can set your foundation not only physically, but also as you establish an intention. Remembrance of the foundation for your practice of hatha yoga and of course off the mat as well enables clarity and focus of your purpose, and sets the foundation for your very being. Jaye completes the talk and blows through his conch shell.