“I love Jaye. He’s joyful and inspirational, with a great love for life, a wonderful sense of humour, and a serious commitment to Yoga as a spiritual practice. Yoga with Jaye allows you to play to your edge, but with a strong foundation of safe and logical alignment.”

“Jaye is one of the most gifted and spirited instructors. He poses an incredible ability to cue students into subtle yet profoundly deeper levels of each pose. He also lends a lighthearted yet deeply meaningful spiritual commentary during each practice, reaching into the philosophical aspects of yoga as well as the physical.”

And here is what one of his fellow dancers said about him, which still holds true for Jaye today in his teaching related to Yoga and philosophy. “He was passionate about what he did, so he did it to his highest abilities, he was very hard-working and enthusiastic. He was committed and dedicated. He always made us laugh when things got a little tense.”

“He was the inspiration for me to get into yoga. He has an infectious, childlike quality. He’s always looking at things from a fresh point of view and has a great, sparkly energy.”

“Music, ballet and yoga are all arts –Anybody would be happy to have one of those careers, and he’s had all three.”

Each summer Jaye delights European yoga students with his teaching — here is an example of a workshop held in the UK!